Our Why?

Happiness consists of getting enough sleep. Just that, nothing more.” - Robert Heinlein

An average person spends about 26 years sleeping in their life which equates to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours.Surprisingly, we also spend 7 years trying to get to sleep. That's 33 years or 12,045 days spent in bed

Why Should I Sleep More?

How We Help You Sleep Better?

In today's society, people are proud of being busy. Staying up late seems to be a symbol of status and power. I have friends who posts on social media with things like "2 am in Singapore". But SLEEP is an investment for our mental and physical well-being. Sleep is our SUPER POWER and that's exactly why we came up with the term "SLEEP ENGINEERING"  a fancy word for developing products that helps you sleep better, achieve more and fulfill your dreams becoming  an unstoppable version you.

Our Products

  • TYCHORE® Orthopedic Neck Heal Pillow
    TYCHORE® Orthopedic Neck Heal Pillow
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  • The Award-Winning SleepDream™ Pillow - Japanese Okita Kato Founded Pain Relief
    The Award-Winning SleepDream™ Pillow - Japanese Okita Kato Founded Pain Relief
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I loved every product I bought from Tychore.I really wanna appreciate their customer support.I got all my queries answered in less than 5 minutes!

Kate S.

It's a great experience how this company is doing business,trustworthy and quick response if you have any questions.

Jenica V.

Very honest,reliable and timely.Will buy more.Thank you. 

Yeddi Pishe

"Would love that all the companies have this level of customer care"

Delphin M.

"I will use Tychore again. Wonderful customer service and I received a very high quality item. I will shop here again "

Adam Jeffry

I just want to let you know that I am incredibly pleased with my new air grip pillow. I bought a burgundy one and it took only two nights to get used to it. I love it and I sleep really well on it. I never have neck aches and am able to use it on my side, front as well as my back. Your prices are reasonable too.

Lorraine Stang